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Homestay Immersion

Total immersion – unlike any other Xplore programme, experience non-stop authentic American family life. * NEW 2019* Now located in three US states – Colorado, North Carolina and Washington – this homestay immersion programme provides intensive involvement and interaction with a local host family offering a truly special opportunity to experience ‘real America’ and a unique opportunity to practice and improve English language proficiency. Unlike our other language holidays, there are no Xplore organised English classes, leisure activities, excursions or day trips during the programme. This adds the excitement to your trip, allowing your host family to share with you the activities and outings they have planned during their summer break. All Xplore host families have been chosen specifically for their desire to host an international student for the summer and are excited to share their home, community and state.


3 Week Homestay Immersion
From 6th June to 11th August 2020 $2,425 / 3-weeks

4 Week Homestay Immersion
From 6th June to 11th August 2020 $2,899 / 4-weeks

5 Week Homestay Immersion
From 6th June to 11th August 2020 $3,369 / 5-weeks


This is a full immersion programme with no activities or excursions organised by Xplore. Instead, host families will share with you their summer break activities.

Included in the Price


We will provide transfers from and to the nearest international airport on both arrival and departure dates.


Every homestay family is personally recruited , screened and selected by Xplore for their passion and desire to share their life and home with an international teenager. Whilst living in homestay accommodation, our visiting teens are fully immersed into American family life and are therefore treated as a part of the family, and not as a guest. Family homes will vary in size, with some houses being quite large and some will be smaller and compact, but all homes are very comfortable and inviting. You may have your own room or you may share a room with a host family sibling of the same gender and similar age or even with a second international student. In general, host families will choose only one student to stay, however, sometimes a family expresses their wish of hosting two teenagers. If we place two international learners in the same home, they will be of another nationality, in order to guarantee that English can be the common language and a full cultural immersion can be experienced. If you have any special requirements, we will try to accommodate you, please let us know in advance.


All meals are included and provided by your new family. It is common for American families to enjoy many different cuisines from around the world, from Asian to Italian, Mexican or French. We ask our international teenagers to be open minded about trying new food but also to share their food preferences with their family – perhaps even try teaching their host family how to cook traditional foods from your country. Please let us know of any dietary requirements as we specialise in finding great matches for our students.


Our Homestay Immersion students experience total immersion in the day-to-day life of a local host family. Thus, there are no scheduled English classes with other visiting students, instead you will develop and improve your English in a host family environment, as they speaking it the entire time! It is important that visiting teenagers have a proficient level of English and are confident in communicating in English at all times.


The decision rests with each individual family how they would like to spend the 3 to 5 weeks with you and how they will share their community. One host family might be very outdoorsy and will love to take you on hikes, another family may enjoy the company of friends going shopping or out for dinner. Some families enjoy relaxing and spending the time together and only get active on weekends. No matter what, the families we choose planning to get you involved in the community and meeting new friends. Rest assured, you will be very busy!

Care and Supervision

A team of Xplore staff will be available to all visiting teenagers and their host families during the programme. They will introduce themselves at the airport and can be contacted or seen at any if needed using the contact information provided prior to arrival. All Xplore host families have undergone an in-depth application process which includes a personal interview and in-home inspection. We also conduct a criminal background investigation and hold specific training covering cultural differences and importance of communication while hosting and an orientation with our local staff.

International Camp

Our camps are available to children from all over the world, however this full immersion programme does not bring the visiting students together, integration is with your American host family only. Integration and immersion is central to how we operate as an organisation, and we encourage teenagers to really get involved with their family. We know that socialising with different cultures can really develop self-confidence in communicating with others.

Travel Insurance

Xplore has partnered with Endsleigh Insurance to provide invaluable cover specifically designed for Xplore students. You will receive a summary of insurance cover after booking, however key benefits include:

  • Cover for over 90 sports and activities are included as standard (full details are available within policy documentation).
  • Cancellation and curtailment of the trip due to accident, illness or sickness.
  • If taken ill or have an accident, Endsleigh will pay emergency medical bills and hospital costs that are not covered by the National Health Service.
  • Additional costs incurred to repatriate, if medically necessary.
  • Reasonable costs to return home if a close relative is seriously ill.
  • Reimbursement if luggage is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.
  • Endsleigh will help replace passports, or visas if they are lost or stolen.
  • Money stolen either from your person or while locked away, will be replaced.
  • If a student accidentally injures someone or damage their property, Endsleigh will cover legal liability.
  • Advice and assistance to take legal action is covered.
  • Cover for unavoidable or necessary cancellation or curtailment of course before completion due to, death, bodily injury or illness.

Anglia Examinations operate worldwide, are internationally recognised and comparable against other EFL examination bodies such as Cambridge, TOEFL and IELTS.
Our English Language Courses are accredited by ABLS and Xplore has been inspected by ABLS, a UK Visa and Immigration approved body
We are partnered with Endsleigh Insurance to provide our customers with invaluable cover whilst you are with us. Our group policy has been specifically designed for Xplore activities and programmes.
Accredited the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge for UK activity provision through the AAIAC.