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Learn German

German is a Growing Language


Travelling to Germany being surrounded by native German speakers to develop German language skills whilst being supported in English can really support teenagers’ education.

For teenagers, going to camp in the summer is also focused is on meeting like minded teens from around the globe, exploring and experiencing the new surroundings, city attractions and sights on offer at their chosen destination.

With an Xplore camp, we provide both! Our camps offer the opportunity to learn German naturally through immersion with native speakers as well as being surrounded by other like-minded young people who are there to build friendships and make memories.

Our language activity camp in Bavaria, Germany, offers a bilingual learning environment with both English and German junior language courses being designed to suit both age and ability levels of students aged between 11 and 16 to naturally improve their language proficiency.

We use different teaching approaches suitable to age range and ability level in order to create the best learning environment for everyone.

This alongside our own teaching material that has been specifically designed in line with our interactive and modern style of language learning, allows our students to improve their German language skills in a fun and pressureless environment.

Our English language courses in Germany are taught by qualified native English-speaking teachers. Each student receives an individual performance report and has the opportunity to gain a qualification by sitting a suitable Anglia examination (optional & incurs additional cost).


We call this learning through experience, click the buttons below to find out more…




german language camp

Learning Through Experience

During the camp, students are integrated with a mix of nationalities and native English and German-speaking leaders through a blended programme of structured language lessons, cultural excursions and adventure activity sessions to enhance students’ cultural experience and travel education.

We believe that through our unique approach of combining activities, sports, social immersion, culture and structured language lessons; we are providing the best language-learning environment by providing lots of opportunities to focus on the four key communication elements of listening, readingspeaking and writing that make learning another language possible.

Camp Inzell

Bavarian camp offering 12 to 16 year olds both German and English language, as well as sightseeing in Austria!

Anglia Examinations operate worldwide, are internationally recognised and comparable against other EFL examination bodies such as Cambridge, TOEFL and IELTS.
Our English Language Courses are accredited by ABLS and Xplore has been inspected by ABLS, a UK Visa and Immigration approved body
We are partnered with Endsleigh Insurance to provide our customers with invaluable cover whilst you are with us. Our group policy has been specifically designed for Xplore activities and programmes.
Accredited the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge for UK activity provision through the AAIAC.